A message from Caroline…

Hello, I am proud to present my absolute favorite blankets & throws from Hangai Mountain Textiles. Those who have previously purchased blankets and want more already know Hangai is a wonderful gift to give and receive. Hangai is unique because their luxury throws and blankets are produced exclusively in Mongolia from the finest cashmere and yak cashmere down on the planet. This year they have new styles for you to enjoy yourself or as gifts to loved ones.

They have developed their products in partnership: herder families, local associations, knitters and weavers who share the values that embrace fair trade, sustainable production, local empowerment, and traceability!


These luxury blankets are perfect for all the rooms in your house, outside by the fire or up in the mountains.
Luxurious and beautiful blankets & throws for everyone on your list.

Yak Down Blanket

Exotic. Soft. Naturally Water-Resistant

Mongolian Yak down is a rare and unique natural fiber. Our ultra high quality yak yarn is spun from fine down and is warmer than merino wool, breathable and naturally water resistant. This makes them perfect in any room or for outside on the deck, by the fire pit or up in the mountains. Only pure, undyed and unbleached yak down is used to knit and weave these unique blankets.

Platinum & Teal Ribbed Knit.

Platinum & Burgundy Ribbed Knit.

Platinum & White Ribbed Knit.

Platinum & Capri Blue Ribbed Knit.


Fine. Warm. Precious.

Mongolian cashmere goats have a fine, downy undercoat that protects them from the harsh, cold winters. Cashmere fiber has a unique crimp or curl that holds pockets of warm air close to the body. Each Mongolian cashmere goat produces 250 to 300 grams of cashmere per year. After combing, washing, and removing the coarser hair, less than 50% remains, and these are the precious fibers that are knit and woven into our unique blankets.

Solid Chartreuse Ribbed Knit.

Beige & Cream Fisherman’s Knit.

Dark Navy & Cream Fisherman’s Knit.

Colbat Blue Ribbed Knit.

BAUHAUS – Modern Luxury

Collab with Michaela Carpentar Commemorating the Women of the Bauhaus and the Movement

The Bauhaus collection is a collaboration with Michaela Carpenter of Maker + Place to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Bauhaus Movement in 2019, and honor the women of the Bauhaus. A modernist design with a rich luxury feel.

Blue, Tan, Beige & White Cashmere Throw.

Chocolate, Tan, Beige & Cream Camel Down Throw.

Rust, Black, Tan & Grey Cashmere Throw.

Gold, Grey, Charcoal and White Throw.

Ordering is easy

Click on the link below to send Zuly an email or call 310-546 6862 for your desired purchases, we will call to confirm the order and arrange payment through Venmo or by check.