“Dear Caroline, My mother moved into her house when she was a twenty-year-old bride. In the thirty-four years she has lived there, I can only count three upgrades that have been made to the home. Seven years ago when my father passed away, my mom wanted to keep the home exactly as it was in his honor. However, as time went on, she realized a change was needed and started to look for an interior designer. Not confident choosing color palettes herself, let alone furniture for an entire home, the search for a designer became increasingly important. After three interviews she was overwhelmed, disappointed, and frustrated. Then she met you. She loves the drawings you provided her along with the detailed budget. Looking at the quantity of items she will be purchasing compared to the price, it is evident she is getting a phenomenal value. My mom is now happily looking forward to the future. She is planning on holding many meetings for her many volunteer organizations in her beautifully designed living rooms and has offered to cook Thanksgiving Dinner in her new kitchen. As her daughter, I see this as a new chapter in her life. What was once a family home will now be a home for entertaining friends in a comfortable environment and one she is proud to share with others. Thank you for making my mom so happy!”