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Client 13

“Caroline and her team were a pleasure to work with. Everyone in the office has a “can do” attitude and is very vested in the successful outcome of the project and the strength of the client relationship. All aspects of the project went extremely well. A detailed budget was provided and met. Deadlines were established and met. Caroline is an extremely talented designer and is very good at listening to the client’s requests and assessing the client’s needs. The attention to detail, the follow through, the timelines and the quality of all aspects of the finished project were stellar. They handled everything from picture frames to lighting fixtures to custom made furniture, from vases to marble tile installation to art work. We highly recommend this firm.”

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Client 12

“We have had Caroline Burke & her staff help us decorate our home in the desert from scratch & our home near the beach that needed a complete remodeling & structural overhaul. Her ideas are unique, fresh & up to date according to whatever style of decor you desire. She’s great at listening to what YOU want & making it happen with the least amount of stress & disruption to you or your family. All her General Contractors & Sub Contractors have been pleasant, courteous & extremely reliable to work with.”

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Client 11

“Caroline and her team helped transform our home into a beautiful, functional, relaxing space. She has great ideas and her recommendations really helped elevate our style. She and Rosalina are professional, detailed, and a pleasure to work with. The results are even more amazing than we had expected. Friends compliment our fabrics, window treatments, dining banquette, and the pleasing way it all comes together. We have proudly recommended her to many people.”

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Client 10

“Dear Caroline, My mother moved into her house when she was a twenty-year-old bride. In the thirty-four years she has lived there, I can only count three upgrades that have been made to the home. Seven years ago when my father passed away, my mom wanted to keep the home exactly as it was in his honor. However, as time went on, she realized a change was needed and started to look for an interior designer. Not confident choosing color palettes herself, let alone furniture for an entire home, the search for a designer became increasingly important. After three interviews she was overwhelmed, disappointed, and frustrated. Then she met you. She loves the drawings you provided her along with the detailed budget. Looking at the quantity of items she will be purchasing compared to the price, it is evident she is getting a phenomenal value. My mom is now happily looking forward to the future. She is planning on holding many meetings for her many volunteer organizations in her beautifully designed living rooms and has offered to cook Thanksgiving Dinner in her new kitchen. As her daughter, I see this as a new chapter in her life. What was once a family home will now be a home for entertaining friends in a comfortable environment and one she is proud to share with others. Thank you for making my mom so happy!”

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Client 9

“Thank you for all your efforts in making your rooms so outstandingly beautiful. Your designs have taken the Holiday Homes Tour to another level. We are so proud to have you join us this year.”

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Client 8

“We hired Caroline to help add a few, perfect ‘finishing touches’ to our home. We had previously worked with two different interior designers in a couple of phases, and I wish I had known about Caroline sooner! She has an incredible eye for just the right touch and access to some amazing and unique resources. With her help we have found just the right kitchen rug, powder room light fixture and artwork for our hard-to-decorate curved walls. She has also made some simple suggestions for other rooms that are small and easy-to-execute, but make a dramatic change. While I know we are one of her smaller clients, Caroline has given us her undivided attention, passion and enthusiasm. She really gets into finding the best design for all her clients, big and small, and the results are fabulous!”

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Client 7

“Not only does Caroline have an eye for texture, color and design, she listens to the clients’ needs and their style of living. Caroline Burke Designs makes the perplexing world of design an easy and pleasurable experience.”

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Client 6

“Caroline, just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the new master bedroom. I love the colors. The fabrics are fantastic. It’s a wonderful blend of comfort and luxury. Thanks to you for making it happen!”

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Client 3

“Caroline has worked with me on two of my houses and I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else in the future. She has an incredible talent that combines a great sense of style and color, creativity and budget, which always turns an ordinary situation into one of outstanding beauty. Her personality and style embrace her designs, displaying a showcase that creates comfort and style for years to come.”

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Client 5

“I don’t know how anyone can pull it together without Caroline Burke. You’re the best!”